The Dynamic Duo

I thought I would show everyone what I am personally working on.

Theise are both of my personal cars.  A 1985 Toyota Corolla GT-S and 1993 Mazda RX-7 Twin Turbo.

'85 Corolla GT-S and '93 RX-7

The ’85 Corolla GT-S The mighty '85 Toyota Corolla GT-S.

The Corolla GT-S is famed for being one of the very few sport compacts produced by Toyota as a Rear Wheel Drive.  With a close to perfect 53/47 weight balance the car was fitted with suspention and an almost bulet proof transmission and factory LSD that made this little car quite a hot number.  In tuned form it has the rare privilage of outrunning quite a few sportier models on circuit tracks even today.

The ’93 RX-7 TTThe '93 Mazda RX-7 TT

I stepped into this car after having owned a Front Wheel Drive Honda CRX Si with only 130 HP.  Making the very large leap to a Rear Wheel Drive 250 HP monster like the RX-7 was indeed a learning experiance.  With the engine mounted behind the front axle the RX-7 is rightfully considered a Mid Engine vehicle and just so happens to have a perfect 50/50 front/rear balance and gives very good feedback alowing drivers to anticipate almost everything this car is about to do.  What you may not expect is just how much of it the car is about to do.

 Right now my RX-7 sits waiting for a Dodge Diesel truck to die so it can have a single turbo transplant however the Corolla is ready for its new heart right now.  Its currently waiting for an oil pan and bearings to be picked up this week and the engine IM rebuilding for it will be finnished and dropped this month.

 Continue to check back for updates on there progress!

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