Inside The New McLaren 650S Coupe

As if they didn’t already have the super car market boxed in with the bombshell release of the MP4-12C and follow that up with the incredibly lustful P1.  With an ethos described simply as “Good enough isn’t good enough” there’s little wonder that McLaren couldn’t leave well enough alone.  So what do you do to fill the gap between such already astonishing cars…

You introduce their latest marvel, the 650S Coupe.  which were privileged to share freshly released images of before its official debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.

And new owners won’t have to wait long as the new car will see owners hands as early as Spring of 2014.  Slated to offer the widest breadth of capabilities of any super car the 650S uses enhanced active aerodynamics and whats being called a ProActive Chassis Control system to optimize its capabilities and usability.

As you study the 650S, you immediatly notice styling influences from the P1, and then it hits you.  12C In the back.  Almost making you think…its a car mullet!  But their is good reason for this mash up.  The McLaren M838T twin turbo V8 is outputting 641-bhp, which by the way is where it gets the 650 part of its name from.  The S highlights enhancements that have been made to the 12C’s handling, transmission, drivability and “engagement”.

It will be available in both coupe and electric retractable folding hard top Spider versions.  Boast LED headlamps.  Increasing front end downforce while decreasing drag.  I say “decreasing” drag but the truth is McLaren says that it has the same drag CO that the 12C does, but manipulates it so much more efficiently that it allows the 650 to produce 24% more downforce overall.

I don’t know about you but we recognized that the 12C was legendary while we were on hand as McLaren Launched its Philadelphia Store back in 2011.  We cant wait to be impressed with how these improvements effect the performance of their newest creation.

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