GT-R & Skyline Spring Thaw Is HERE!

Its finally here.  No not spring, the Spring Thaw.  We have been planning for months now to bring you something truly special.  Every year we all look forward to pulling off the car covers and taking the cars out for that first event of the season.  The Spring Thaw is that chance for GT-R and Skyline owners to get the cars out and gear up for the summer.

9AM – 10AM: Breakfast will be provided by Frederick Nissan as everyone arrives.  Service manager Gary Lewis and their GT-R Tech will be present to answer service questions about the GT-R.  We will also provide Maps of the park area and the route that will be driven.

10AM – 12PM:  Drivers will depart Frederick Nissan in groups to keep congestion on the roads down so that all can enjoy the ride to Manor Area Pavilion at Cunningham Falls State Park.

12PM – 7:30PM: Catered lunch and BBQ and good times for all.  Stay as long as you like.   We have the pavilion until sundown.  Stay and eat or drive a few of the routes on the park map which I highly suggest.  A lot f these roads are maintained by state and federal crews and are very nice to drive.

There will be professional photography taking place throughout the day for Modified Magazine as well as a few video cameras and interviews with shop owners and other invited industry professionals.  So take your time to find out who’s who at the BBQ, you might be surprised at who you meet.

As it stands, the R32/33/34 and R35 will all be represented at the Spring Thaw.  So bring the Rides and don’t forget your appetites!

All GT-Rs and Skylines are free.  If your attending in anything else please prepare a $5 donation.

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