Future Fuels – What Might Fuel Your Passion In The Near Future

Theres an old saying that goes “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.  Oddly enough, there is a little known truth to that old phrase.  There just happens to be a soluble dietary fiber in the skin of apples and other fuits and vegetables that has been shown to reduce blood cholesterol levels and promotes good digestive health.

We’ve also been told that we should have at least 8 glasses of water of water every day.  This advice too, has a very good reasoning behind it.  Water is a truly amazing substance.  We might look at a bottle of Deer Park on a hot summer day like it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, but that bottle is definitely worth a second look.

Water is a very powerful Chemical.  There is another saying, “A steady drip can wear a hole in a rock”.  All you need do is stand on the edge, at any point along the Grand Canyon, to be awestruck at what the power of water can do.

I was lucky to catch an episode of Eco World on the Discovery Science channel that discussed Alternative Fuel such as Solar Energy, Hydrodynamic Energy (such as dams), but what was most impressive was the section on pure Hydrogen power.  For those who don’t remember chemistry (I sure didn’t), 2 Hydrogen atoms joined with just one Oxygen atom make water.  Both of which are gasses that are, under the right conditions, flammable.

What stood out the most was the home of one engineer that was completely powered by it.  So was his car, which he converted to Hydrogen Fuel Cell power.  The system is so efficient that he says he can power both his home and his car for a year on the gasoline equivalent of just 40 gallons.  With the average price of gas today, that is easily close to $150…per year…for home and car.  With gas prices steadily rising, some of us are paying $150 after 3 or 4 fill ups, and that says nothing about the tuned vehicles that eat 93 octane like cotton candy.

Another home engineer converted a $500 junkyard bought vehicle with about $4K in new parts into an electric only vehicle.  The batteries and usage he designed gives him about 20 miles of mobility which only cost him, get ready for this, just $7 a month to charge.

One step further, the cable channel Planet Green airs a show called Green Machines that pits fossil Fuel powered vehicles of all sorts against an electric powered cousin and tests them in different circumstances to see which reigns supreme.  One particular episode saw a gas powered drag motorcycle do the quarter mile with a fuel consumption equating to a little under $4.  The electric drag bike perfomed a very similar time and cost just over $.70.

That having been said, can you imagine a booster system operated simply by switch that almost doubles your current gas mileage?  How about never having to pull up to a pump ever again?  Instead, you just pull up to your garden hose.

In my next few articles, I want to explore the possibilities available to us currently in the world just burgeoning into the area of alternate fuels.  I should tell you now though, if you’re looking for a pat on the back or reassurance that you’re doing your part by using Ethanol, IM sorry.  You will find no kind company here.  It has been said that growing crops for use as fuel is a gross and now obvious failure as a true alternative.  What follows will be an insight and study on both Hydrogen and Electric vehicles and opinions on why those two sources of energy are our only real alternatives and will be our only means of fueling vehicles in the future.

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