Bring Back The Touge

A few seconds in I’m thinking to myself, “This is shaping up to be quite possibly the best video ever”.  A statement highlighted by the sample used in its opening: “…but this production far surpasses anything I’ve ever seen in my whole life”.

As a fan of old school imports, particularly Toyotas, the level of excitement rises when the prettiest blue late model Cressida rounds a bend.  Its obviously a calm and teasing intro shot so I take the time to read the note on the video:

NOTE: The roads were closed during the filming of this, with professional drivers and should NOT under ANY circumstances be repeated by anyone or anywhere on public roads. Keep it at the track, people!

The next thing you see are three vehicles making their way down the road in the oncoming lane.  Its at that point I was sure of my initial thought.  This is going to be, quite possibly the best video EVER”!

If you don’t know what Touge means, its Japanese, google it first to get a quick understanding and it will help you appreciate the awesomeness of this video’s heritage.


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