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Police Give Speeding Cameras The Finger

In most cases when a ticket shows up in the mail you or I try our best to remmember if we were in that part of town or not on the date that picture shows.  If your anything like me, you can’t remember what you did yersterday, much less the week or two it takes for that citation to arrive.  So most people usually just cut the county a check and call it a day.

The bad thing about that is, alot of those citations that you would receive could really be for your mom, yeah.  Because her car was in the shop, yeaahh.  So you handed her the keys last month and shes not used to driving a fast car.  Yeah, thats the ticket.

The county on the other hand, doesnt care.  Not one bit.  So it is an acceptable flaw in the system for them, and because it requires much less effort, they simply ticket the owner that the vehicle is registered too.

Well well well.  Because this policy is enforced, the union for Montgomery County Police have advised officers to not pay tickets issued by the camera system because the vehicles are effectively owned and registered by the county.  This has led to some very interesting behaviors from the Montgomery County law enforcement agents.

Twice in as many weeks officers have been cought speeding past cameras while extending a middle finger.  In the last 8 months of 2007 there were 224 instances of officers being photographed doing 10 mile an hour over the speed limit.  76 Of those cases have been dismissed while some 3 YEARS later, two thirds of the remaining 148 citations remain unpaid.

No wonder a badge is known as The Shield

Source:  http://blog.motorists.org/maryland-police-refuse-to-pay-speed-camera-tickets/