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BMW Teams up with Toyota to create a Midsize Sports Car

That’s right, Toyota and BMW are coming together to create a mid-size sports vehicle by the end of 2013. Unfortunately those are all of the details we have at this time. But the possibilities of what could come from these two giants are truly exciting.

Consider – BMW makes some of the most exhilarating cars that money can buy. For decades the 3 series has been the benchmark in the compact sports car class. They sound great, look great and the engines are rock solid. However, their transmissions have had their fair share of bad press. The same can be said of their fuel pumps, regulators, thermostats etc.  They tend to fail prematurely on the BMW and even with a warranty, chronic issues are annoying. Another area that needs attention is the cockpit. While ergonomically sound the cabins layout looks rather dated. Especially when compared  to Mercedes and Audi (BMW’s main rivals). 2nd hand ownership is also a sour note, for most consumers fear that expensive repair looming around the next corner.

Toyota’s, on the other hand, are known as some of the strongest built cars on the road today.  Thousands of  loyal followers attest to their reliability and good resale value every year. The advancements made throughout the Lexus line up are both physically and visually stunning.  Cool tech with a sophisticated layout is something we’ve come to expect from Lexus. But! Toyota’s are not known as a pure drivers car. Even in the “F” series, the sound is synthetic, the steering feel is electronic and the acceleration is flat. They’re moving in the right direction but can’t seem to nail it the way BMW has.
Now, imagine an interactive gauge cluster similar to the LFA, with a tech package taken from the GS but with the  suspension and chassis of the 3 series. Now throw in a collaborative effort on the engine giving it Toyota reliability coupled with BMWs tuning. Now your’e starting to get the picture.
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