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2010 DUB & OC Car Show

Normally you would think that a car show is a car show.  The thing about the DUB/OC show though, is its theme.  Many years ago 20″ wheels, or “DUBs” as they were known, were the hottest thing.  They were unheard of, exclusive and usually chrome with Massive lips and super low profile tires.  Since then the size of super expensive and exclusive shoes for your ride has changed so much the “DUB” as we know it is almost a thing of the past.  But the spirit of the DUB lives and is alive and well in Ocean City this weekend.

Because of this change in status more people have been able to enjoy entry into the wonderful world of Luxury, Shine and well lets face it…one of the greatest forms of automotive expression to date.  What I loved about this show is seeing well built Civics and Crown Vics next to Bentleys and “Caddy” Broughams.  The variety of cars that you find at the DUB/OC show is very dynamic which means there really is something for everyone.  From the customizable Kia Sol to a fully built drag Integra to the Rolls Royce Phantom Drop Head.

As a car enthusiast who is admittedly a little addicted to all things with an engine and wheels (sometimes without wheels) There really wasn’t anything that stood out about the show that I didn’t like.  The level of professional work that has gone into some of the ride here is so detailed and involved we talked to one owner for almost a solid 10 minutes just about the details of his build.  Now I know that on the surface 10 minutes doesn’t sound like much, but when your at a car show as large as this with so much to see 10 minutes seems more like 40.

If you missed this years OC show, I’m truly sorry to hear it.  But you can catch up in our gallery with the over 300 pictures and enjoy more of the coverage as we continue to write about some of the cars and companies we found at the ’10 DUB/OC car show.

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