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Drift Stylings debate: To Slam or not to Slam

    The one thing that makes the Tuner community so grand is the widespread variety of styles. Whether you are a Drifter, auto crosser, quarter mile racer, full blown track driver or something in between we all have our cars tuned and modified depending on what the main use of our car will be. So when our friends at Stanceiseverything.com directed me to an article bashing the “slammed” or drift auto style it got my attention.

 It is a fairly interesting read on someone’s take on the recent drift styling’s of some auto enthusiasts but One quote in particular stood out to me: “Setting up a car for drifting is usually ass-backwards to what actually makes a car handle. Still, it has managed to permeate the collective consciousness of young car enthusiasts, who are unaware that buying coilovers with absurdly stiff springs doesn’t actually make a car handle well, but rather masks a the deficiencies of a poorly designed car.” 

 This quote looks to imply that tuners that modify their cars to drift don’t actually know that they are doing for their everyday drivability. Most tuners that modify their vehicles for a specific purpose typically know that it will take away the ability to perform in other areas. For example if you set your suspension up for 1/4 mile racing you wont necessarily be successful in your endeavors to race your car on a road course. Even still I’m sure most everyone is aware of some drivers who do modify their vehicles solely based on what they see without knowing the functionality aspect of the tunes; but as a whole from my experience people who take the time to dial in settings and adjust their cambers just right actually KNOW what they are getting themselves into.

 All in all it was an interesting article taken from a perspective that I may not wholly agree with but still respect, take a look and see what you think: http://www.speedsportlife.com/2010/02/25/rich-corinthian-leather-2-hella-suck/

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  1. Seth K
    Seth K says:

    Your responce was Very Mature, i beleave out of all the comments, your is the most logical and to the point. “To slam or not to slam” is one of thoes articals that was written by someone who Likes a paticular style of driving and to anyelse who doesnt fit in to his “style” are Not Fit To Be CooL. The only part out of that intire artical that i thought to be worth anything was this little snippet colse to the end
    “Figuring out a proper setup for your car takes time, effort, maybe a bit of math” And everything else seems to be drenched in his Personal Opinion.
    I mean sure we all have our “Pet Peeves” about cars, we wouldnt be enthueseasts if we didnt, but Writing a artical Slamming Slammers is abit like saying “everything i like Rocks and everything else Sucks”
    Anyway, good responce Jeris, but to me it is almost a worthless artical.

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