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What Is Ferrari Smoking?

Bridgestones apparently.

When you think Ferrari you think ultra high-performance. But when you think ultra high-performance you dont always thing Bridgestone.

While I have not had a chance to talk to anyone at Bridgestone to get more data, it is official that they will be providing the Potenza S-001 as original equipment for the new 570 CV Ferrari 458. Interestingly enough thats also true of the Aston Martin Rapide.

I was surprized to learn that Bridgestone has built tires for Ferrari and supplied original equipment to Maranello production cars since the Ferrari 348 back in 1990.

Its also important to note that the S-001 has been specifically developed to match the handling, control and safety requirments for the 458.

Bridgestone Petenza S-001

Bridgestone Petenza S-001

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