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Insane In The Membrane – The boys at Caparo have absolutly lost it, and I want to be first in line.

Who knew the engineers at Caparo had so much in common with Cypress Hill. Obviously someone there was partaking in a little of the Herbals (What…I hear tea time is very popular with the British) because its obvious that more than one person decided it would be a great idea to produce a race version of the Caparo T1. I can see the press release film starting a little something like this.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”, its a period of financial war, rebel F1 teams striking from the hidden FOTA headquarters, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire. During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to Caparos ultimate weapon, the T1 Race Extreme. An outrageously fast vehicle with enough power to destroy your internal organs – at first sight.

If your like me, your a Top Gear fan and are well aware that Jeremy Clarkson once reviewed Caparo’s existing T1. The only thing I regret about that is that he had to wear a helmet which means we couldn’t see the T1 make his jowls flap in the hurricane force wind it’s more than capable to generate across his face. Just think back to their test of the Ariel Adam. Trust me its worth another look for that reason alone.

What else could you possibly expect from a vehicle that weighs in at just over 1200 Lbs. The original car was powered by an all aluminum, fuel injected V8 developed by Caparo themselves that produces 575 bhb per which Clarkson tells is is twice as much horse power per tonne than a Bughatti Veyron. In Caparo’s world it was perfectly acceptable to add the option of an upgrade designed to deliver 620 bhp at over 10,000 rpm? Civility…scoff. While some of the best engineered vehicles struggle to generate over 1G in cornering loads the T1 Race Extreme has no such concerns. It completely eclipses such figures as it can produce up to 3.5G in cornering load alone. Up to 4G in braking. Enjoy doing over 200 MPH, well here you go, knock yourself out, as the Race Extreme will do 208 mph. Have fun giving yourself whiplash as you go from 0 to 62 mph in 2.8 seconds. If your spinal cord manages to survive you may even be able to experience the climb to the 100mph mark in 5.8 seconds total.

If you think that’s insane, take a look at the list of parts and features that allow the Race Extreme to create those figures. Fully adjustable suspension and aerodynamic packs, ultra light 6 pot front and 4 pot rear mono-block billet machined aluminum calipers with titanium pistons, and 355mm x 35mm ceramic discs and pads set up. It also comes complete with an upgraded electronic package that contains a fully tunable ECU so you can try your hand at tuning your own Indy Car engine and the six speed sequential gear box. The above features together with the fully adjustable traction control of the Caparo T1 Race Extreme provide an absolutely ludicrous track experience.

 Caparo T1 Race Extreme                    Caparo T1 Race Extreme                    Caparo T1 Race Extreme

Like what you see? Tell us! And check out more of the ultimate in engineering on the Caparo T1 please visit www.caparo-t1.com.

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