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First Drive: Tesla Roadster 2.5 Sport

You know…I just can’t do it.  I tried to write a smart- funny article about the Tesla Roadster 2.5 Sport.  Honestly though, the car simply doesn’t need it. Would I buy one?  No.  It’s far too expensive and the level of fit and finish is just too much for me.  But it does tick every […]

Bentley Bethesda – Mulsanne Preview

We at Up-Shift.net have always said that our focus is not Lambos or Ferraris.  However, we have to be honest.  Who doesnt like looking at $100,000+ cars.  Theres just something about the quality and performance that demands respect and commands our attention. Yesterday I had the privilage of being invited to preview the 2010 Bentley […]

College Park Tuning 2010

I had some free time on my hands this last weekend and decided to hit up the first tuner car meet that I have been to in a few years.  I had forgotten how much I missed hearing turbos on cars that didnt come with them stock.  Or seeing body kits and aftermarket wheels. The […]

A New Leash On Life

As car guys, one of the most memorable and fulfilling things is to be able to grow up working on a car with your dad. Enjoying weekends or evenings under the hood can create a very strong bond and leave memories that last for years to come. In the world of aviation, one pilot is […]

Guys, I think we should let Rudolf play some of our reindeer games before he goes postal.

“Below a certain ride height and beyond a certain offset, the geometry of the suspension and steering goes out the window, and the car rides like a bag of sloppy [Expletive Deleted].” In case you arent up do date with the latest in the auto blogging community this is an exerpt from the article http://www.speedsportlife.com/2010/02/25/rich-corinthian-leather-2-hella-suck/ […]

What Is Ferrari Smoking?

Bridgestones apparently. When you think Ferrari you think ultra high-performance. But when you think ultra high-performance you dont always thing Bridgestone. While I have not had a chance to talk to anyone at Bridgestone to get more data, it is official that they will be providing the Potenza S-001 as original equipment for the new […]